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Everything you ever wanted to know about a place that never existed.




No one's quite sure exactly where the Biscuit 'Verse came from, or why anyone ends up there, but a few things are certain. First, none of this crazy stuff started happening until the DelphiStation showed up in orbit. Second, things don't work the same here as they did back home. And third: the biscuit is the only hard currency around.


Members are encouraged to explore the 'verse however they see fit. Grab a few characters, throw them in here, and follow their exploits. Discover ancient 'alien' artifacts or documents. Hack into the DelphiStation 's computer and try to figure out what it has to do with everything. Figure out how an ancient roman soldier can communicate with a martian born bookseller. Explore strange new worlds and bring back pictures to share. The 'verse is yours. Have at it.





To join and for updates see the Space Biscuits' LJ. Space Biscuits is an original creative endeavor, but it's all in fun. No harm or copyright infringement is intended. All original works are the sole property of their owner(s), however by bringing things into the biscuit 'verse you're allowing others to play with them too.


For help with wiki formating see the following pages: SandBox, 2 easy ways, and WhatWikiIs





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